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Here’s a full list of everyone Steve has worked with:

Deverell’s Brewing Company, 2015

Figures2015. SoundcloudBandcampInstagram and Facebook

Greenout, 2015 & 2016. Soundcloud and Facebook

Thurrock Arts Collective, 2015 .

Stonem Clothing, 2015

Exploding Head Syndrome, 2016.

Spaceman J & The Interstellar Soul Factory, 2016. Soundcloud and Facebook

s.G, 2017. SoundcloudFacebookYoutube

Sadie Davidson, Tales From The Estate, 2017

Celestina, 2017

Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions, 2017

G.R.I.M, 2017. Soundcloud

Cardboardia, 2018

Sadie Davidson, The Poverty Guide Handbook, 2019

Grays Riverside Big Local, 2019

Richard Alibon Primary School, 2019

Society Links/Green Shoes Arts, 2018-19