Green Shoes Arts

I’ve been working with Green Shoes Arts continuously since June 2018, in a variety of capacities. I administrate for their Creative 4 Life project, helping people living with mental health difficulties to access their creativity and creative positive strategies for improving their lives. I also run the Visual Arts, and assist on the Song Writing sessions for this project.

In 2019, I completed a mosaics project in Tower Hamlets with them, bringing together ideas and creations of the local community to make permanent mosaic installations in the local area.

I helped Barking and Dagenham Young Carers access their creativity and upcycle their outdoor area, making a co-created mural as well as decorating some new seats, a table and storage units.

I created a 2 metre mural for Richard Alibon School’s front office, brightening up the space by bringing together drawings made by the children across 2 days of workshops.